FAQ – Clients

What kind of financial services do you provide?

Are the services provided by U-Finance free?

  • Yes, we are dedicated to providing free financial services to other student groups.

What are U-Finance’s credentials?

  • U-Finance has a current client base of 21 student organizations.
  • Stemming from the Fall Semester 2013 Audits, we managed a total of $425,000 in Student Service Fees funding. In total over our first three years, we have managed and audited a total of $939,000 Student Service Fees.
  • We have also helped many organizations achieve tax-exempt status.

How do I know that I can trust U-Finance?

  • U-Finance is comprised of a talented and experienced leadership team, who is committed to serving in your student group’s best interests. We also have several graduate representatives to contact for further help if needed.
  • U-Finance and its members are dedicated to a strong code of ethics and business conduct.

How long has U-Finance been a student group at the University of Minnesota?

  • U-Finance began as a project under the Student Accounting & Finance Association (SAFA) in 2011. We became an independent student organization in 2012.